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I continue to focus my efforts on growing our state and local economies to fight inflation, keeping and attracting family-wage jobs, enacting policies to help protect our farmers, ranchers, and small businesses, empowering parents, and working to help keep our communities safe.

Due to election-year restrictions, I will be limited in how I contact you or send out information. However, nothing prohibits you from reaching out to me and my office if you have a problem with state government. I am here to help.

In addition, it you need a speaker for your civic, community, or church group, please let me know. I’d be happy to give a session update and discuss the critical issues we dealt with this year, as well as the issues I think will be of import during the 2025 legislative session.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you in the state Legislature.

Rep. Joe Schmick
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Election-year restrictions prohibit me from updating my website until after the November 2024 election. However, you are still welcome to contact me anytime.

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My Priorities

Protecting our communities by giving law enforcement the tools they need to keep our families safe.

Washington can no longer rank last in the nation in terms of the number of police officers per thousand people. We can't let violent felons out of prison early, only to reoffend. We can't favor criminals over victims. We need to allow officers to pursue criminals. We need to crack down on retail and auto thefts. We need more officers on the street. And we MUST address the fentanyl crisis! I will continue working to keep our neighborhoods and families safe while respecting and empowering those who serve and protect.

Discover what House Republicans are doing to protect our communities

The people sent six initiatives to the Legislature. Three passed. Here's an update.

Each of the six initiatives sent to the Legislature this session was signed by more than 400,000 Washingtonians. This sent a strong message to lawmakers as "We the People..." made their voices loud and clear! Republicans pushed for public hearings on these proposals. Ultimately, three of the initiatives passed and three didn't. The initiatives that didn't pass will be on the November ballot later this fall.

Learn more about the initiatives sent to the Legislature by the People

Under the Democrat majority party, state spending has doubled in the past 10 years.

Democrats have doubled state spending over the past 10 years, going from $33.88 billion in the operating budget in the 2013-15 biennium, to an expected $71.95 billion in 2023-25. This level of spending is unsustainable. Democrats have passed nearly $80 billion in tax increases over the past 10 years, placing more financial hardship on individuals and families already struggling with inflation, high food costs, substantial increases in gas and energy prices, and exorbitant housing costs.

See a detailed list of tax increases by Democrats over the past 10 years

Meet Joe Schmick

Rep. Joe Schmick has served the 9th District, which includes Asotin, Columbia, Garfield, Franklin, Lincoln, Adams, Whitman, and south Spokane counties, since 2007. Joe is a former second-generation farmer and small-business owner.  He earned degrees in Accounting and Economics from EWU and is a graduate of the Washington Agriculture...

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