House Republican health care leader issues statement on today’s federal court decision against Obamacare

Rep. Joe Schmick, R-Colfax, and ranking Republican on the House Health Care and Wellness Committee, released the following statement today regarding a federal court’s ruling that President Obama’s health care legislation is unconstitutional:


“Today’s ruling by the court shows us that now, more than ever, state leaders need to continue to work toward finding solutions at the state level that provide quality health care that families can afford.  We can’t keep putting off state solutions while waiting for the federal legislation to come to a legal conclusion.

“And, with this ruling today, it would be irresponsible for our state to spend any more state resources on implementation of a federal law that may never go into effect.  In fact, this should remind us once again what can happen when the federal government passes expensive, constitutionally-ambiguous mandates down to the states.

“Thankfully, our top priorities moving forward do not change: we need to address lawsuit reform, and we need more competition – more insurance carriers offering more plans – in the state marketplace.”


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Washington State House Republican Communications