Fagan, Schmick legislation extending scenic byway passes House

Reps. Susan Fagan and Joe Schmick introduced House Bill 1024 this year at the request of the towns of Rockford, Fairfield and Latah in southern Spokane County. The measure would allow the state to extend the Highway 27 Scenic Byway through the town of Tekoa and through Rockford’s Highway 278, all the way to the Idaho border. The bill passed the House unanimously.

“I’m incredibly happy that as a state representative I can respond to a constituent request with legislation that makes it through the process,” said Fagan, R-Pullman. “I think it’s great that we can show people in our district that good things can happen when the legislative system works for the people, just as it was designed to do.”

Micki Harnois, mayor of Rockford, was thrilled to hear the bill was successfully making its way through the Legislature.

“This bill is important to our city because we are working hard to generate more tourism and economic development in the region,” said Harnois. “To be in the recreation and byway system would create a lot of opportunities for our communities and the folks who visit them.”

“The mayor of Rockford brought this to us,” said Schmick, R-Colfax. “The communities are excited about this designation and we’re very pleased we can bring this forward.”

House Bill 1024 will be to the Senate for consideration.


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