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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Here are the results of my survey:

What issue is most important to you?

  • State spending (43.6%
  • Jobs/Economy (21.8%)
  • Health Care (14.5%)
  • K-12 Education (8.9%)
  • Other (7.8%)
  • Transportation (1.7%)
  • Environment (1.7%)

The governor is proposing a carbon tax on large employers and energy companies. Knowing this will likely raise the cost of food, fuel and energy, do you support the governor's plan?

  • NO (81.9%)
  • Not sure, need more info (12%)
  • YES (6%)

An 11.5 cents-per-gallon gas tax increase is being floated around Olympia.  Would you support paying more at the pump to pay for new transportation projects across the state?

  • NO (83.8%)
  • Maybe, but only if the 9th District received fair share of projects and significant reforms are made
  • YES (5.4%)

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

A big thank you to those who were able to join me this week for my telephone town hall event.  We had 3,890 participants in total with up to about 850 on the line at any one time.  We were able to take questions live with 18 of you and nearly 500 voted on my survey questions.

20150130_100912scWe had a great turnout and a good time of exchanging ideas and concerns on several issues including the governor's cap and trade proposal, the recent gun control initiative, daylight savings time, transportation and education funding.  Thank you so much for sharing the evening with me.  It was so good to hear voices from back home!

Stay tuned! Last week, I asked for your thoughts on several bills that would impact employers in our state.  Your responses have been great and they keep rolling in.  I'll include some of those in next week's e-newsletter.

Here are a few of my bills making their way through the process:

House Bill 1402 – This bill would allow hospitals to administer prepackaged emergency medications to emergency room patients when a pharmacy is not open or available.  This is important especially for our rural areas that may not have 24-hour pharmacy services.

House Bill 1625 – This bill addresses a recent rule change by the Department of Health.  It would allow hospital-based pharmacies to provide minimal quantities of medications to EMTs.

Community college rallyWolves and wildfires – Yesterday in the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee we heard several bills addressing wolves and wildfires.  While northeast Washington continues to bear the brunt of the state's wolf recovery efforts, I'm hearing more and more about wolf sightings and activities from folks in our area.  Animal owners, ranchers and land owners need more tools available to deal with wolves.  If you want to watch the committee hearing, click here.

Thank you for reading my e-newsletter and thank you for the honor of serving you in Olympia.


Joe Schmick

State Representative Joe Schmick, 9th Legislative District
426B Legislative Building | P.O. Box 40600 | Olympia, WA 98504-0600
360-786-7844 | Toll-free: (800) 562-6000